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"Professional, courteous and knowledgeable. That's why you're still my agent after 10 years, a marriage and two kids. You've been there every step of the way."

- Alan K., Huntington Bch



"This is the first time I ever felt that I got the exact plan I wanted, and not the plan the agent wanted me to have."

- Emily A., Riverside



"Get your quote, then call. Fast and simple. Insurance made easy."

-Tyler S., Long Beach



"Thanks Dom, you really came through for me and made the process of finding the right health insurance easier than expected. Keep up the great work"

- James P., LA



"I called another agent and all he wanted to do was push a different plan at me. With you, I got the plan I wanted at a rate I could afford. And no BS."

- Twila C., Hesperia



"Dom, it was a pleasure to work with you. Thanks for the great advice on reducing my group health insurance rates."

- Martin R., Fresno



"I went from confused to insured with just a phone call. Now that's service! You rock!"

- Tony H., San Diego



"Dom, thanks for taking the time to explain everything in a language I understand... I contacted three agents and you were the only one honest enough to tell me to stick with my current coverage. If my situation ever changes, or if anyone ever asks, you're the man"

 - Walter L., Newport Bch



"You really went to bat for me with the insurance companies and hit a home run. Thanks to your extreme effort, you have another happy customer!" - Song T., Sacramento



"I used the online quotes to browse rates and plans. It was convenient and you were just a phone call away with all the help and advice I needed. Thanks!" - Karl S., San Francisco


Now is the right time to find the best affordable coverage for your health insurance dollar.


Dominick Maniaci - california health and medical insurance broker

Hello, my name is Dominick Maniaci and I've been a licensed California health insurance broker for more than 12 years. Think of me as your "411" and your "911" for health insurance information and assistance.


Do you want to save money on health insurance?


"Get health insurance coverage for big things you can't afford not little things you can afford."

Think of health insurance like owning a car. You have collision insurance to handle unexpected accidents while you pay to maintain its operation - tires, brakes, and batteries. The better you take care of the car, the less you pay to maintain it.

You can save on health insurance in the same way by getting coverage for big, unexpected health problems and paying for the little things on your own. That's because with health insurance, you prepay for services through higher rates - whether you use them or not.

But most importantly, focus on your bottom line: What is the most you can afford if the worst happens?


Sure, those low monthly rates on high deductible health plans look tempting when you're in a budget crunch, but what are you willing to risk if you suddenly have to pay them? Your house? Your car?


Find the right balance between what you pay now and what you pay later. Click here for a free instant online quote.


Sort by rate, deductible or plan type, then compare the coverage and total out of pocket expenses side-by-side.  When you find the plan you want, I'll help you fill out your application over the phone.


Or do it the fast way: Free online california health insurance quote


Call me today. Let me be your "411" and your "911":


800-443-9109 or in Orange County call 714-374-4142


I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


Dominick Maniaci

All Cities Health Insurance Services

CA Broker #0B74873



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One Online Quote. Five Minutes. Zero Obligation.

It's FAST and EASY to Find Affordable Health Plans and Rates with a FREE Online Quote from the California Health Insurance Specialists!


With one of the Largest Selections of California Health Insurance Plans on the Internet, you'll always find the best value for the coverage you need.


Aetna California Health and Medical Insurance    Anthem Blue Cross California health and medical insurance           Blue Cross California Health and Medical Insurance California         Kaiser Health and Medical Insurance California

Health Net Health and Medical Insurance - California        Nationwide Health and Medical Insurance - California        United Health Care / Pacificare California Health and Medical Insurance - California

When you're looking for California Health Insurance, you want options...

Search by rate, provider, deductible or type, then compare the coverage and options of any plans side-by-side. You can even apply securely online! All Cities Health Insurance Services provides a wide range of health insurance options, rates and medical insurance plans to meet every need and budget.

Confused? We'll make the process fast and easy...

All it takes is a phone call. We'll discuss your needs and provide the exact rates and solutions that fit your budget and coverage goals. Please use our experience to narrow your search and find the best health insurance coverage without any hassle or obligation.

Have pre-existing conditions or other special circumstances?

You won't find your answers in an online quote. You need an experienced broker / agent who knows which health insurance companies will provide coverage for your situation.

Call today for a free, no obligation phone consultation: 800-443-9109.

Get MORE for Your Health Insurance Dollar:

  • Click on any FREE Quote Link

  • Check the plans you want to compare and click on the "compare" button

  • The selected plans appear side-by-side

  • It's all there - including in-depth coverage details for each plan

  • Look up physicians for any plan!

  • Choose a plan and apply securely online or call my "Help Line" with any questions or special situations: 800-443-9109

For personal service and answers to all your questions, call our Health Insurance Help Line: 800-443-9109.

For our Buyer's Guide for Health Insurance, click here.

What makes All Cities Health Insurance Services your best choice for California health insurance?

We work for our clients, not an insurance company.

Our goal is simple: match your exact health insurance needs with the best plan for your situation and budget. And with more than 10 years of California Health Insurance experience, we've helped our clients find affordable solutions for almost every situation.

We are true independent health insurance agents and brokers and will not "steer" you to an insurance plan or provider just so we can reach a quota or go on some lame cruise.

So if you want our advice based on client feedback and experience, or need suggestions based on budget or special needs, we'd be glad to talk to you. Call us toll-free: 800-443-9109.


If you'r'e searching for affordable life, health or medical insurance, click on any of the links to compare individual, family or small group quotes and rates from all the major health insurance companies. If you need assistance or have questions, call me: 800-443-9109. If you have questions about insurance terms, try our FAQ's


If you�re shopping for a specific insurance plan at a lower rate, stop. All quotes are the same. Choose the professional California Health Insurance Specialists who put your budget and needs ahead of their bottom line. We�ll review your choices with you and make sure you understand all the details of the policy. Simply complete an online quote, or call me and we�ll conduct the search together based on your requirements. 800-443-9109


If you�re trying to decide on a plan and are confused or have questions concerning coverage types, rates and deductibles, just call. We�ll help you narrow your search based on your situation, coverage goals and budget. Dominick, our California Health Insurance Specialist will make your search easier: 800-443-9109.


End your worry and your stress. Call me for a free consultation or click to start your free online quote.

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All Cities Health Insurance Services Proudly Offers the Following Types of Health Insurance Coverage:

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All Cities Health Insurance Services is a Licensed Agent for the Following Health Insurance Companies:

Aetna Health Insurance  * Aetna Life Insurance  * Aetna Group Insurance  *  Blue Cross Tonik * Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance * Anthem Blue Cross Life Insurance * Anthem Blue Cross Small Group Insurance * Anthem Blue Cross SmartSense  *  Anthem Blue Cross Lumenos  *  Blue Shield Health Insurance * Blue Shield Life Insurance * Blue Shield Group Insurance * Health Net Health Insurance * Health Net Life Insurance * Health Net Group Insurance * Kaiser Health Insurance * Kaiser Life Insurance * Kaiser Group Insurance * PacifiCare Health Insurance *  Nationwide Health Insurance  *  Nationwide Group Insurance  *  Nationwide Life Insurance  * PacifiCare Life Insurance * PacifiCare Group Health Insurance Plans  * Cigna Group Health and Medical Insurance Plans



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